January 21st, 2009

Sheri Manga

Last NYC catch-up post...

...I promise!

On Sunday, Mark & I went to eat at Zen Palate - which is an amazing veggie Chinese Restaurant on 9th Avenue. :) We were rather disappointed, however, to find out that their water line had broken earlier in the day and so all the noodle soups and the dumplings (even the pan fried ones) were not available. :( But we did order the autumn roll appetizers and they were really good as well as two lunch entrees that didn't directly involve water (not sure how that's possible, but oh well,...) I must go back on future trips, though... because I feel a bit cheated out of the entire Zen Palate experience.


That afternoon, Mark & I headed to the Broadway Theatre to see Shrek: The Musical. Okay, I'll admit that I've never seen the actual movie, nor have I ever had the desire to... but a musical with Christopher Sieber (be still my heart), John Tartaglia (SIGH!), and Brian d'Arcy James (double sigh!) was worth seeing at any rate. I can't think of a time that SO many of my favorite musical theatre ACTORS were in the same show!

The show ended up being MUCH better than I expected. Part of me expected a lot of the hype to be just that... I knew that there had been good press about it, but I didn't think a musical version of a movie that I didn't even have the desire to see would be anything more than me getting to see some of my favorite actors on stage together. But what I found was that aside from that hottness factor, the comedy - which was surprisingly witty at times - especially all the jabs they took at a lot of other broadway productions and the production as a whole had an amazing amount of heart - which I adored.

While it's true that I'd see just about anything that Chris Sieber was in... I have to say that his portrayal of Lord Farquaad was possibly one of his funniest roles yet... His facial expressions were absolutely hysterical and his short legged costume was just silly enough for someone of his comedic talent to pull off. :) John Tartaglia was VERY cute as Pinnocchio, though I wished his role was bigger... Brian d'Arcy James was wonderful as Shrek and brought a real sensitivity to the role, which I loved.

The production, as a whole, was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, silliness and all. :) I actually have tickets to see it again in April - and I'm really looking forward to seeing it again!


Our evening was spent at the closing night of Dust - which was a rather disturbing straight play about men and power and the way we perceive good and evil and how just a little thing could shift that perception in an instant. Hunter Foster played Zeke, a former drug addict who, while trying to clean up his life, has a run in with his employer (Richard Masur) who ends up firing him because of dust... This leads to a revenge-filled downward spiral for the two as they both discover what they are both capable and not capable of.

The subject matter, though interesting, was certainly not uplifting... and the ironic turn of events at the end, was a surprise - and helped to solidify the notion that good and evil are constantly fluid things and only a matter of perspective. Sadly, the ending left me with more of a feeling of despair than anything else...

The one thing that I do have to say about the play was that the cast was incredible! Richard Masur and Hunter Foster were both AMAZING in their roles... and the EXTREMELY shallow aspect of all of this was Hunter looked incredibly hot in this production - much hotter than the last time I'd seen him - which admittedly was a long time ago in Urinetown - but OH MY, the years have been VERY good to him!

I think Mark enjoyed this show more than I did - he liked the "Trading Places" feel it had to the entire piece... All in all I did enjoy it, and though it wasn't one of my favorite shows of the entire trip, I am really glad that I got the chance to see it. :)

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Thanks again to everyone who has been putting up with my theatre posts. :) They end here.... for now ;) Hope everyone is having a nice week! I'm off to hug my fuzzy dog. :)
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