February 1st, 2009


Adventures in Food: Private Dining at Capische - in Maui!

Thank you SO MUCH again to all of you for your lovely birthday messages the other day!! I'm still in Maui with Mark (and all my co-workers) but I thought I'd update on the INCREDIBLE dinner we all had last night. We went to IL Teatro at Capische - which is located at the Diamond Resort in Wailea Maui.

It was one of the BEST eating experiences of my life!!! We walked into a private room and had our own private chef who cooked and plated the dishes right in front of us and we had our personal wine expert who spoke with us about the wine pairings for each of the 5 courses. It was AMAZING!!!

All my co-workers enjoyed it a lot and it was a REALLY nice way for our BIG boss to thank everyone for all the hard work they did in 2008. The only sad part was that we weren't allowed to invite our spouses.

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It was definitely THE BEST gourmet dining experiences I've ever had! And it certainly added to the already VERY lovely weekend!!
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Stolen from cahwyguy - Thanks, Daniel!! :)

The Meme: “Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests , and then you explain them in your journal.”

cahwyguy picked the following three icons for me:

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He also mentioned something about there being a theme to my user photos. ;) Hmmm... wonder what that could be? ;)

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cahwyguy also picked the following three interests for me:

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