February 13th, 2009

Anthony 2

Pippin :)

First of all, I'd heard a lot about the show before even going in to see it, so I expected some things - like seeing a bearded Troy Kotsur and I knew to expect to see Anthony in the ensemble, but no one really prepared me for exactly what I saw when I went last night.

Admittedly, this was my very first time seeing "Pippin" in any incarnation, so my views may be a bit biased by that. I have to say that I wasn't especially fond of the show itself - as it was written, but the staging, choreography, signing,... everything made it an incredibly beautiful visual experience.

Unlike Sleeping Beauty Wakes - which I loved for the music and the story, this show was a bit different... It was ALL about the signing and the staging and the performances. First off, I ADORE Michael Arden, I always have, but sadly because he's voicing Pippin, even if he is present on stage all the time, he is always somewhat secondary to all the action going on around him,... which is a waste and a shame. His voice is absolutely gorgeous, though... and he voiced Pippin with the sincerity that I would expect to hear coming out of Ty's mouth.

Ty was amazing as Pippin, his expressions, his emotion... it was all perfect. LOVED the way he embodied Michael's voice - even if they were standing side by side, they were really seen (at least for me) as one. His signing was beautiful - and it's really the first time I got to see him live on stage (I've seen him in other things and AT other things, but this is the first time I really got to see him act) and he was INcredible!

Troy was hysterical as Charles. Dan Callaway (Heather's hubby!) did an EXCELLENT job voicing him. I'd previously seen Troy in Sleeping Beauty Wakes and he played a very similar character (the prince) in that show as well. One thing about Troy - he's the nicest, NICEST man but he always tends to play sleazy bad guys,... not sure why.

A few random things that went through my mind as I was watching the show:
  • James Royce Edwards (Yow! When did he get SOOO buff?)
  • It was great to see TL in the ensemble, she's so talented and I've always wanted to see her in a show.
  • Harriet Harris is hilarious and I miss her as Meersy!
  • Loved the hands on stage, but from where I was sitting (1st row, all the way to house left) it was kinda creepy.

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    I'm SO glad that I came out to see this show! It was visually one of the most stunning things I've seen in a while - and though my heart will always be attached to Sleeping Beauty Wakes - this show, the performances, and the cast are simply incredible.

    I'm off to finish my wonderful mabo tofu from PF Chang's and then get ready to see The Full Monty tonight at Redondo Beach. Hope you all are having a lovely Friday. HUGS!!!
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