February 28th, 2009


The Big Island was wonderful!

Seeing my Grandma was SO lovely, and getting to spend time with Mark & my Mom made it one of the best day trips I've ever had! :)

My Grandma was surprised to see us, and felt bad that we flew all the way to see her. She kept saying, "No need come!" though she always feels bad when we go out of our way to see her. She looked great and healthy and kept thanking us for making the trip to see her. :)

In addition, we were able to stop by some of our favorite food places on the island!! Mark & I ate lunch at Cafe 100 - which had THE BEST veggie patty loco moco I've ever eaten! (Mark had the Super loco - which is basically a heart attack on a plate - 2 eggs, hamburger patty, spam, and portugese sausage...) Whoa... We then stopped off at Two Ladies Kitchen to pick up some fresh strawberry mochi, and then headed to Big Island Candies for some INCREDIBLE shortbread cookies.

All in all it was an extremely wonderful day!!

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Hope you all had a lovely Saturday!! I'm off to spend some time hugging my fuzzy dog!! :)
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