March 1st, 2009

Side Show

Stolen from markbuster and changed a bit...

30 albums cast recordings that changed my life....

  1. Assassins, Original Broadway Cast - One of my favorite musicals and one of my favorite cast recordings... sorry to say that the 2004 revival cast did NOTHING for me... LOVE "Another National Anthem" - quite possibly one of my favorite songs ever written, and of course, "Unworthy of Your Love" - the most twisted love song ever.

  2. Bare - I've recently fallen in love with this show!! LOVE all the songs, but especially, "Best Kept Secret," "Ever After," and "Bare". Michael Arden NOT being on the cast recording is the only downside, though it's a HUGE downside!

  3. Baby - My favorite show that I've NEVER seen! I've been addicted to the cast recording for about four years now... My favorite songs are "I Chose Right" and "What Could Be Better?" - though the entire cast recording is like gold to me!

  4. Side Show - For sentimental reasons, this has to be my one of my favorites. How could I NOT love hearing Norm Lewis yell "NOTHING!" in the middle of "You Should Be Loved?" or hear Emily and Alice belt out the ending of "I Will Never Leave You?" Good Lord.

  5. Sleeping Beauty Wakes - Cheating, because it's not out quite yet,... but it will be a favorite of mine when it does! "Drifting" and "Awake" are two of the most beautiful songs possibly ever written for musical theatre and I was fortunate to have seen the staged version complete with Russell & Alexandria's lovely signing!! Valerie and Brendan are absolutely amazing!!

  6. Parade - My second favorite musical that I have NEVER seen! :) After hearing Kevin belt out "This is Not Over Yet" at the Mother's Day concert about 6 years ago, I went out and immediately bought the cast recording and have loved it ever since. My only sadness is that Kevin himself was not on the cast recording that I own... I remember his rendition to be 10 times more powerful than the cast recording.

  7. A New Brain - Another favorite musical that I have NEVER seen. :) How could I NOT love a cast recording featuring Norm Lewis singing a duet with Malcolm Gets?? It doesn't get any better than that! :) I think I must've played "Sailing" in my car on repeat non-stop for MONTHS after getting the cast recording!!

  8. Thrill Me - Not HALF as good as Alex Schemmer and Stewart Calhoun in the Havok Theatre version of the show that I saw in 2008, but still a great reminder of that fabulous production. "Glasses; Just Lay Low" is creepy as all hell, but amazing if the right mix of people are singing it.

  9. 1776, Revival Cast - My all time favorite show!! Though I have to admit, that because the show is really (to me) a straight play with music, the cast recording, though special, is not something that I have the need to place higher on this list. I absolutely ADORE 1776, and the songs are fun, but not the main reason I go to see this show. Though I have to say that, as much as I like him, hearing Greg Edelmann on the cast recording singing "Molasses To Rum" is NOT the same as hearing Kevin sing it live. If only Reprise had a cast recording of their production! :(

  10. Spitfire Grill - SUCH a gorgeous musical that I really feel is too under-produced. I LOVED seeing it in Laguna in 2002... but more importantly, I became a fan of the cast recording... "The Colors of Paradise" always makes me cry whenever I hear it... it was such a touching moment in the show and the memories are so wonderful. Too bad that Kevin, Kim Huber, and Katy Blake are not in the cast recording I have...

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    Whew... it took me two hours to write all that! Back to web work and entertaining my fuzzy dog! Hope you all had a nice weekend!! HUGS!
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