March 8th, 2009

Pippin 02

Pippin for the last (TWO!) times...

And so I've gone and done and done my impulsive theatre trip and though I got almost no sleep on Friday night on my red eye flight, and I didn't get any sleep on the way home,... I have to say that the trip was TOTALLY worth it! Seeing the show at this late stage in the run is amazingly special and really allows me to appreciate it so much more!

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Got to see and speak with all my favorites from the show and everyone was amazingly nice. Ty asked me after the matinee if it was my 3rd time seeing the show (he's got a great memory - because I only went to the stage door twice before that - even though I saw the show another time back in Feb) Michael, I found is a VERY good signer - it's a shame that the only time he gets to sign in the show is when he's wearing that hood over his head, and we don't really know it's him.

I'm sad that I won't be able to see the show after this, but SO glad that I made the trip to see it - it was VERY worth it! :)

If anyone is interested, I've put up some photos on Facebook (too tired to try to upload them here... sorry). Hope you've all had a nice weekend!! I'm off to spend time with my hubby and fuzzy dog! :) HUGS!!
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