March 10th, 2009

Sheri Manga

My hands are less Mickey Mouse in size...

...which is a great thing! The swelling went down and my hands are back to looking pretty normal. I went to see my primary care physician today and told him the long story. He was as perplexed as the doctor in the clinic, but because he hadn't seen how severe it had been, he didn't see the need for a blood test, etc. He checked my breathing, and my glands, and all my other vitals and said that it looked like whatever it was had already left my system. He told me that if I notice anything like difficulty in breathing, or a return of the swelling to call him immediately.

I wanted to thank you all for your supportive messages in my last post! I appreciate it more than you'll know! Big HUGS to all of you!!

BIG boss found out about all of this from the speaker at the seminar that I attended for my reps in Maui and he called me and told me to take tomorrow off too. I told him I felt MUCH better, but he told me that I should take the extra day (tomorrow) more for my sanity than anything else. Which I appreciated. The thing about my BIG boss is that he might yell and say hurtful things sometimes, but deep down inside he's a good person and at times like this, I know why I'm still working there and I go in everyday and give my 100%.

On a totally unrelated note... Adam Lambert on AI... He absolutely KILLED it tonight! :) But I had no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't... The thing is as good as he was tonight, it wasn't half as amazing as his performance in Valley Musical Theatre's Fractured Broadway concert in 2005 (Oooops! It was 2006 - I actually posted photos in my old entry...) when he sang "I Am Changing." Good Lord. That performance gave me goosebumps - seriously... And only he can make me watch a show I absolutely despise!

But enough of that... Thanks again to everyone for your supportive comments - they really must've worked because I feel a great deal better today! HUGS!!!
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