March 11th, 2009

Side Show

Seen and stolen from ATC...

Top 10 Most Thrilling Performances I've Ever Seen (Top 5 in Each Category)

Straight Plays:

  1. Alan Mandel - "Trying" @ The Colony Theatre (2008)
  2. Denis O'Hare - "Take Me Out" Broadway (2003)
  3. Kathleen Chalfant - "Red Dog Howls" @ The El Portal (2008)
  4. Valerie Harper - "Looped" @ Pasadena Playhouse (2008)
  5. The ensemble cast of "The Laramie Project" at the Colony Theatre (2002)

  1. Julie Dixon Jackson & Misty Cotton - "Side Show" @ The Colony Theatre (2002)
  2. Kevin Earley - "1776" @ Reprise (2001)
  3. Michelle Duffy - "Mask" @ Pasadena Playhouse (2008)
  4. Jennifer Shelton - "Man of La Mancha" @ Rubicon Theatre (2006)
  5. Stewart W. Calhoun - "Thrill Me" @ Hudson Backstage (2008)
I've mostly seen LA theatre for the past 8 years so that will account for my choices... But I do have to say that though I've seen many things on Broadway, some of my most thrilling theatre moments were in regional theatres throughout LA. There is just something VERY special about the talent in LA that can't be found anywhere else!

My choices may seem biased, but they aren't... of all the theatre that I've seen, these are the performances that either left me COMPLETELY in tears, COMPLETELY in awe, laughing so hard that I cried, or I couldn't get my hands to stop shaking after the performance was over.
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