March 15th, 2009

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So I did it...

...I actually caved in to the iPhone peer pressure from Mark and got one. ;) I think Mark was a little more excited than I was yesterday when we walked into the Apple Store... He's been trying to get me to jump on the iPhone bandwagon for some time now - but just as he gets stressed about traveling - I get stressed about new technology... I spent yesterday setting up my phone and Mark's been trying to teach me the joys of the iTunes App Store... which I find interesting, but not addictive like he does.

I do like that I can check FB from anywhere... I also like that I can access a map with a GPS no matter where I am (and there's an App that allows me to locate - based on my location - the nearest veggie restaurant...) I think it'll definitely come in handy when I travel. :)

Other than that, as long as it plays my music, my video clips, and holds my photos, I'm happy. :) Oh, and calls... that USED to be my only criteria for a phone... how times have changed. :P I'm off to continue to set up my phone (it's taking A LOT longer than I thought!!) ;P

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday!! HUGS!
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