March 25th, 2009

Sheri & Van 2008 Emmys

My very 1st cruise! The food, the stars, Mexico!

So, it’s taken me a little while to catch up from my weekend cruise… I came back exhausted, feeling majorly hung over (even though I didn’t drink), and for some reason, kept swaying even on solid ground… which was very odd.

The trip started out wonderfully when I met a group of VERY sweet AMC fans on the shuttle from the airport… They welcomed me in to their group warmly and made me feel comfortable before I met up with my Nuke friends. :) It was funny because I kept trying to call Nicole and Jessica and didn’t get calls back – so they teased me saying, “It’s okay that you made up these imaginary friends,… you can hang around us during the cruise!”

Seeing Van & Jake walking around randomly on the ship, at first was rather surreal, it quickly became common-place, though.. and eventually it was like, “Oh, there’s Van & Jake,… AGAIN…” ;) The first day they kept walking into rooms that I was in (by pure luck on my part…) I ended up saying, “I’m totally NOT stalking you guys!” to them, to which Van said, “No, we’re stalking YOU!” which I thought was cute. :D Which became the inside joke, and Jake later wrote on his picture at the Meet & Greet, “Hey Sheri – quit stalking me! Kidding!” Which I found hysterical! :D I laughed and Jake said, “I thought you’d get a kick out of that!” :D

On the first night, as Jessica, Nicole, and I were leaving the cocktail party, I heard someone call my name, when I turned around, I was shocked to find that it was Van! He was on his phone, but he was calling me over to the bar. I went over and he said, “Do you know where this Q & A thing is supposed to be?” I told him I did, and he said that he’d follow me down there.

That was a nice moment, we talked with him outside the room for a bit before everyone else arrived, I helped him put the seasick patch on (which he said he thought everyone wearing them was trying to quit smoking…) :) and we spoke about theatre and other really random things.

We did spend some time on Saturday in Mexico, but it was so depressing and dirty, and there were little children who followed us around for blocks with cups out, begging for money… which was just sad. :( I didn’t really buy anything there because all the shops looked the same and sold the same things… which were all overpriced and cheaply made. I did buy two necklaces that someone wrote names on grains of rice – which was 2 for $5 which was nice.

We spent a bunch of time in the casino on the ship. Jess & Nicole won $100 on the first night and then very wisely stopped. I won a total of $100, but then I spent about as much, so I ended up breaking even. :) The nickel machines were my best friends. :)

The food was great on the cruise! We quickly found the “comfort food buffet” outside by the pool VERY much to our liking. There we could get French fries, nachos, mac & cheese, chicken strips (though not for me) etc. to our heart’s delight. It was actually the buffet we frequented the most. :)

Inside, the Paris restaurant we loved the fresh pizza, made to order there and the various entrees available. The ice-milk ice cream station was a favorite of mine, and I must’ve gained all my 5 pounds there eating numerous ice cream cones until midnight, some nights. :) They also made me a cute ice cream cream-puff swan one day at lunch.

All in all it was a wonderful first time cruise experience. :) I think the thing I will remember the most is not Van & Jake, Mexico, the food (though it was really good and I gained 5 pounds…), but the wonderful friends I got to spend time with. By Monday, I was sad to leave them all behind… It was like we all shared some sort of special experience on the ship and as we were all dispersing on Monday morning, I couldn’t help but feel really sad that it was all over.
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