April 8th, 2009

Pippin 03

First of all...

...did anyone get to see Julie Ann last night on "Cupid?" I have it recorded, but haven't seen the episode yet - but according to my Mom (and Kevin) it was VERY cute. :)

Secondly... I just got an email notification that "Universal Signs" is going to have their world premiere on May 30th!! FINALLY!! I think the movie was already in post production when I first met Anthony like 2 1/2 years ago - when we FIRST started talking about creating his web site... :P

I really wish I could see it, but I doubt it will ever be shown here... I'm SO happy for Anthony - and I'd been waiting SO long for this movie to be released! What I love about it is that there's no speaking in the movie at all, only signing and open captions for the "ASL-impaired." ;)

The trailer is here on Anthony's site if anyone is interested. :)

Speaking of which... I've been doing a lot of thinking about PIPPIN recently and I really didn't want to forget what made the Taper production so special to me... I do have a couple of questions for folks who saw the show on different weekends...
  • I LOVED the way Michael adopts a sarcastic southern accent when he and Catherine are speaking about his despair. Catherine asks in a thick southern accent, "Is that it?" and only on the last couple performances that I saw did Michael respond, "Yes, that's it!" with a noticable, sarcastic southern accent. I LOVED it! Anyone see a show earlier in which Michael did this?

  • Also, I LOVED the way Michael's voice totally cracked - during "With You" - when the female hand comes up from the floor to touch his chest as he's singing, "But nights were warm beyond compare..." he did it VERY noticably the last performance I saw in February - to the point where he was having trouble getting his words out and practically stuttered (I LOVED IT!), but he didn't do it again in March. Did anyone notice that he did this at any performances that they saw?
One final thing... my taxes have finally been filed! It's good news that my web business was so successful last year, but bad in that I certainly had to pay for it in taxes! :P Well, at least it's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore...

Well, I'm off to pre-order my "Universal Signs" DVD!! Hope you all have a lovely evening!! :)
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