April 9th, 2009

Mark & Sheri 2008

No holiday tomorrow and semi-serious soul searching brought to you courtesy of Facebook. ;)

The stock market, annuity & mutual fund companies, AND our clearing firm are all closed tomorrow, yet we don't have Good Friday off. :P It makes very little sense, but I guess the one good thing that I can look forward to in all of this is good traffic tomorrow (and I'm not leaving the office so I can wear jeans to work...) :) It's amazing what a small thing like casual day can do for morale in our office. :D

I've been spending entirely too much time on Facebook tonight. :P It began by me bemoaning my need to be in LA this weekend (and the weekend of the 26th) for ahem... rather Michael reasons... and it turned into a pretty serious discussion of a talk that Mark & I have been having for the last five or so years...

Which is the talk about us one day moving back to California.

Very little of my desire back then was as trivial as "the theatre is SO good there!" but it was more trying to find employment opportunities for both of us that would allow us to do what we loved doing... Mark is pretty stuck at his job here... there's really no room for advancement for him and with the economy the way it is, small companies like his suffer the most. :P In Hawaii, graphic design jobs are not that easy to come by... You can either work for a marketing firm or a printing company and even then, there aren't many of those here.

I once looked online for graphic design job opportunities for Mark when he was particularly frustrated with work and found a great deal of opportunity in the LA area. Of course, as far as my job goes, I don't think that I'd remain in the same field if we ever decided to move. I don't see myself being able to manage brokers in a place like LA... I've stayed where I am because of the people I work with,... if I ever left my job, it wouldn't be for one just like it somewhere else...

Of course, on the other side of things, my job here is a very good one... we have a home with a mortgage... our family is all here and... by and large we love it here. We're also getting older (AHEM!!) and when moving seemed like an option 5 years ago, now it seems so much harder because of the roots we've grown. But even with all of that, it hasn't stopped us from considering the possibility more than once throughout the years.

I joke about theatre and the need to be nearby all of it, but really, all the talks about this that Mark & I have ever had (serious or otherwise) have been about job opportunities and the limited-ness of the islands... all that talk on Facebook (which started as a pretty trivial thing) brought all those memories back.
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