April 12th, 2009

Cooper - by Mark

Had a lovely lunch at the in laws!

My sister in law, Julie made THE BEST mac & cheese dish... EVER! It had mushrooms, eggplant, all kinds of cheese -- SO delicious! We also had some lovely grilled tomatos, and fresh chocolate chip cookies for dessert... Heavens... SO good, but SO bad for me!

Cooper behaved himself (didn't try to attack any of their belongings AND didn't beg for table food at all...) and the folks were shocked by how big and fluffy he's gotten. :) Because there are no grandchildren in our family, Cooper is the psuedo grandkid for them. :) Next we want to visit my Mom since she hasn't really seen Cooper in a while. :)

And just because I talked about Cooper's ears in my last entry, I wanted to post a recent photo of him. :)

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I'd better run, Cooper is knocked out from his fun-filled day with the family and it's a perfect opportunity to get some serious study time in. :) Hope you all have a great week!!
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