April 16th, 2009


Is there one absolutely perfect moment in your life that you remember?

A moment that you would like to keep re-living forever? That was the premise of Happiness an amazing musical that I saw yesterday at Lincoln Center. The show was much smaller in scale than most shows in NYC, but it had SO much heart, which I adored. I spent most of the show crying my eyes out - not because it was sad, but because it was so touching to see all these characters re-live their happiest moments.

I thought about it too,... for me, what would it be? My wedding day? Some day in my childhood that included my Mom & Dad? I'm actually not too sure... The show does make you appreciate little moments in your life that you may not initally remember but, looking back, meant so much... a first glance with your boyfriend in which you knew he was the one for you, spending the afternoon at the first major league baseball game with your Dad, things we forget about in our busy day to day lives, but really made your life worth living...

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Shows aside, it was pretty amazing that I made it to NYC at all... Those who know me on Facebook will know this from my status updates, but I spent most of the morning wondering if I'd make it to NY in time for the curtain of Happiness! Our plane to La Guardia had to turn around mid-flight because of a malfunction and return to Atlanta... which caused an almost 3 hour delay. It was 12:30pm and I was STILL waiting for my luggage... I was almost sure that I wouldn't be able to get to mid-town, check into my hotel and walk all the way to Lincoln Center in time for the 2pm show, but miracle of miracles... I got an awesome cab driver who, when I told him I was late, weaved through streets to avoid the afternoon traffic and got me to my hotel by 1:15pm. :) I literally had to run all the way to Lincoln Center... Thankfully, I made it all the way there with about 5 minutes to spare!! What a stressful morning it was!!

Today I'm heading out to NJ to meet Robin (YAY!) for lunch and to catch the matinee of 1776 at Papermill Playhouse!! :) Then, I'm meeting my friend Lizzy to see the evening performance of Shrek. :) So it should be another wonderful day in the city!!

Thank you all for putting up with my theatre babble!! Hope you're all having a nice week!! :)
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