April 17th, 2009

Kevin as Jefferson

Amazing food and an amazing 1776!

Today I took the NJ Transit into Millburn to see Kevin in "1776" at the Papermill Playhouse. The train ride in was initially a new experience for me, but turned really lovely when the transit worker and a guy from Hawaii began striking up a conversation. They were both SO sweet and nice... A guy behind me overheard that I was from out of town and he made sure that I got off at the right stop. I have met nothing but VERY nice people here on this trip, it's been incredible!

Robin and I ate at this INCREDIBLE restaurant in Millburn before the show! Basilico and I had THE BEST Panini ever there - the bread was crispy and the roasted veggies inside were SO tasty! And their dessert... Oh my word, I had this chocolate pudding and graham cracker dessert that sounds SO simple, but was so delicious - just amazing!! I wish I could go back there, the food was THAT good! :)

The show itself... 1776 is my favorite musical of all time. I've seen SO many versions of it over the years and I have SUCH a love for it that I adore seeing different variations of the show. Here are my reactions of the last two times I'd seen the show - in Sacramento in 2007 and in Hollywood in 2008...

Collapse )

All in all it was a lovely, lovely production and I'm so glad that I got the chance to see it!! I'm seeing it again on Sunday night (which, I had no idea, but Kevin mentioned was Opening Night so that should be amazing!) :)

Tomorrow I'm seeing "Every Little Step" - the documentary of the recent "A Chorus Line" revival at the Chelsea Cinemas (where I saw "Save Me") and I'm going to do some shopping so it should be another wonderful NYC day! :) Hope you all are well!! HUGS!!
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