April 25th, 2009

Bets in Guys & Dolls

Back from NYC and trying to get back in the swing of life...

Returned home from NYC on Tuesday evening and immediately got back into the crazy frenzy that is the world of my BIG boss... I really don't think my position itself is really hard, but all the extremely high expectations and demands from BIG boss make the job a WHOLE hell of a lot more stressful than it should be.

Had to cancel the big exam that I was planning on taking on Tuesday, because BIG boss thought I'd been out too much already... which is fine with me. I have it rescheduled for June 16th.

Couple of belated NYC thoughts...

Guys & Dolls

I'm so sorry, but this production wasn't even close to the one that I saw at Musical Theatre West in 2005 with Kevin, Tami, and Bets. The performances in the broadway cast, I found to be lackluster (I did like Oliver Platt,... however) the scene changes were unimaginative, and the whole show seemed pretty standard. I LOVED the MTW version that Nick directed and it really showed me what an AMAZING director can do for a show. For example, Nick's idea of using the flight attendant with the airplane hat to segue the scene to Havana was not only ingenious, but funny as hell (and always got great applause). Or the way that Nick had the gamblers sing "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat" so beautifully, but then 2 seconds later sing a hymn COMPLETELY out of tune! That was just hysterical and a perfect choice for the end of that scene. It's things like that, I really appreciate in a show and those things are what makes an incredible show stand out from a standard show. So I'm sorry,... I wasn't impressed by G&Ds in NY at all. :(


Loved Gavin's performance!! I'd previously only seen him "Millie" and really hadn't seen him really carry a show like this, but he was outstanding! :) Also, Bryce Ryness (from the LA theatre community) was just darling in the cast as Wolf... one of my favorite characters and really one of the outstanding performances in the show. Didn't feel like I really had the chance to soak it all in - as I had to make a mad dash to make my train that evening to see the opening night performance of "1776" in NJ.

This weekend I'm laying low, catching up on web work, and trying to get over ANOTHER cold that I acquired on my plane ride back from NYC. :P I always love traveling and seeing friends, but it's SO nice to be home and spend a lazy weekend at home with Mark & Cooper! I've missed them SO much!! Hope you all are having a nice weekend!! :) HUGS!
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