May 3rd, 2009

Mark & Sheri 2008

A relaxing, recouperating weekend...

I felt a bit better today so Mark & I headed out of the house for some veggie Korean sushi and frozen yogurt. :) We decided to try Yorgurtland this time! :) And while there were a lot more toppings to choose from, and the yogurt - in general - was less expensive, I think that I much prefer Orange Tree. For some reason, the flavor of the yogurt there seems to be richer.

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On a soap note, after several hours of YouTube watching, I am finally caught up with Nuke... I had been avoiding it recently... but I'm finally caught up and have finally seen Nicholas Galbraith on air (after meeting him at the luncheon), and the much talked-about Zoe & Zac scenes.... Though I love the scenes between Van and Paolo (they obviously have an extremely good rapport and the acting chemistry between the two is amazing!) and of course, between Van & Jake... the whole kidnapping, Grimaldi fortune story was really rather mind-numbing... :P But, I LOVE Van, and I suppose that will keep me watching this show...

And on a completely different, theatre note... Tony Noms are being announced on Tuesday - here is my list of folks that I would be heartbroken if they were not included this year:

Thomas Sadoski - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play (for reasons to be pretty)
Gregory Jbara - Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical (for Billy Elliot)
reasons to be pretty - Best Play
Billy Elliot - Best Musical
Hair - Best Revival of a Musical

Although I'd LOVE for Thomas Sadoski to win the Tony this year (and anyone who's seen reasons to be pretty has to agree that his performance was EXTREMELY Tony-worthy), he's up against some pretty well known competition, and while I'd LOVE to see an extremely deserving unknown finally win this category over some big name stars, I think I'll just be enthralled if he's even nominated. :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!! I'm off to hug my fuzzy dog and catch up on my Michael Arden video watching... :) Happy Sunday, all!! HUGS!
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