May 11th, 2009


I'm SO excited about my upcoming Sacramento trip!

My main reason for going is to see my DEAR, dear friend Satoshi marry the love of his life (the very handsome and dashing Jeffrey - who, I have yet to meet, but have heard SO much about) :) But in addition, I will also be getting to see a lot of my work friends from our home office that I don't normally get the chance to see, but who I speak with on a daily basis. Some of them I haven't met yet - so it'll be so nice to finally put a face with a name. :)

Add to that, getting the chance to finally meet thunder_pants after all these years and her lovely hubby, Joe,... getting the opportunity to see Michael Arden in concert (WOOO!!),... getting the chance to meet up with cahwyguy and his lovely family for an evening performance of The Green Room in Hermosa Beach,... and getting to see Darrin Revitz in Big; The Musical... All of those things added together make an absolutely perfect weekend!! :) :)

I even got up the courage to tell BIG boss that I was taking a day off to fly out to the wedding. He, of course, wasn't happy... but after all the initial yelling, he calmed down and put it on his calendar. What a HUGE weight off my shoulders! I feel like I can go to the wedding with a clear conscience now. :D

It's going to be a GREAT weekend!!

(As Satoshi just wrote me,... only 12 more days until the big day!) :)
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