May 18th, 2009

More web stuff...

Countdown to the wedding...

...and our Sacramento trip: 4 days! :)

This is clearly going to be the longest week ever... BIG boss has gone off the deep end requesting reports, I have early morning branch trainings everyday this week, and if that's not enough... I still need to find a decent pair of shoes to go with the dress I'm wearing to the wedding on Saturday. :P

But, life is good... an entire weekend trip WITH my hubby will be an amazing thing! We rarely ever travel together, but I really cherish the times that we do. :) He has not met any of my work people in Sacramento, but I'm sure he'll love them all! :) He even brought out his suitcase and started packing and I have yet to see him show any signs of his usual travel stress... we'll see. ;)

Add to that conversing with the lovely folks over at Musical Theatre Guild (I swear, they are the nicest people ever!) on web stuff that I'm working on for them. Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I had to stop accepting new web clients late last year... It got to be too much, with my full time job and all the extreme demands of BIG boss lately - and to be fair to the clients I already have, I just decided it was enough. On the extremely bright side to all of this - the current clients that I have are incredible, incredible people and I would hate to neglect them in favor of seeking new jobs.

Finally... if anyone has any suggestions for a show to see on a Sunday matinee on May 24th - I'm open to them!! I had a hard time trying to decide about our last show that we're seeing in LA during our short stopover this weekend. I initially wanted to see "BIG", but then it sold out on GS, so I thought we could see "Little Foxes" at Pasadena Playhouse, but that seems to have been sold out on GS as well. :P Your suggestions are so appreciated!! :)

Back to work on web stuff... Hope you all are having a nice week!! HUGS!
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