May 23rd, 2009


Just a quick update from Sacramento... Mark stands in the rental car line. :)

Last night Mark & I saw the 1st preview of "Little Foxes" at Pasadena Playhouse. It starred Kelly McGillis, Julia Duffy, and Marc Singer. The performances were all pretty good and very even, however, the first act of the play was so long and had so much exposition that I really couldn't fully get into it. Maybe it just wasn't my type of show- which was no fault of that particular production. I really did enjoy Cleavant Derricks' performance and it was interesting to see him in a non-singing role. And I have to say the lighting design was just gorgeous.

This morning Mark & I got up early and headed to the Burbank airport to catch our flight to Sacramento. :) We're meeting thunder_pants and her hubby for some crepes and then going to Satoshi and Jeff's wedding. It should be an incredible day!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!! HUGS!