May 31st, 2009


So I gave in... (Twitter)

...and signed up for a Twitter account yesterday. At first, I didn't understand the allure... basically I thought it was Facebook status updates (to the extreme) but once I got used it, I found that it's pretty fun to be able to follow celebrity-type people and theatres, etc. and not have to have them follow you back (or even really know who you are...)

Great way for me to keep up with the latest casting notices, show reviews, etc. without having to seek them out myself on the net... which is what I like about it. :)

If any of you are out there and signed up for Twitter, I'm shutterbug93 there... I'd love to find and follow you. :)

But my question to all of you with Twitter, LJ, AND Facebook is... How do you keep up with all of them? I find it really hard to just keep up with LJ and Facebook as it is. ;)
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Cooper 02

Cooper's Advice on How to Beat the Summer Heat...

I did something VERY similar to this years ago with Sydney... but I asked Cooper to make a post about this as well... This weekend was unusually hot & humid and for such a fuzzy dog, I thought it would be nice for Cooper to give his own tips on staying cool this summer. :)

Some Cool Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!
or "How I Tricked Sheri in to Letting Me Update Again... :)"
-- by Cooper B. Dog

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