June 6th, 2009

Thomas Sadoski


...hubby and I ate so much pizza today that I don't think can eat anything more for the rest of the day, week... and possibly my life... :P


Couple of quick things... I have decided to TRY to stay off the net tomorrow and not be spoiled by Tony results on FB and message boards. Hard to do since I am REALLY rooting for Heather and "reasons to be pretty" (and Thomas Sadoski, Marin Ireland, etc., etc., etc.) It will be a minor miracle in itself if I manage to do this, though! :D

Second thing... Mark sent me the best link!!


Apparently the ENTIRE first season of "Kings" is going to be released on DVD in the Fall!! WOOO! So whether or not NBC follows through on their promise to air it, we'll still be able to see it! :D :)

Also, I just saw a casting notice for DWT's "Children of a Lesser God." I already have in my head my dream casting for James, Sarah, and Orin... ;) But no matter who is cast, I'm definitely going to try to make it to LA to see this! :)

Finally, Bets' last day in the Wonderettes is tomorrow night. Selfishly, I'm happy she'll be able to come home to LA, but I'm really sad that her days at the Westside Theatre are over... :( It'll be sad to be in NYC and not be able to see her...

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, big HUGS to all of you!!
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