June 14th, 2009

Sheri Manga

Ring of Fire, Pride, and some serious retail therapy!!

So, I'm back from my (what felt like) overnight trip to LA... I have to admit that when trips are short like that, I do tend to try to make the most out of every minute and will sometimes end up doing more things than when I'm in town for several days.

The trip started off with some serious (and much needed) retail therapy at the Glendale Galleria. Walked into LUSH for the very first time (and immediately thought of underworldfairy) :) There were so many things I wanted to try and buy... but sadly I only brought a carry on and I couldn't take the liquids home, and the solids would weigh my carry on down too much... I did make mental notes of what I wanted to buy the next time I come back, though!! :D

Went to Express and Windsor and bought a bunch of things... I try to save all my clothes buying for my mainland trips because the selection in Hawaii is still pretty limited...

Then I went to Red Robin and got a carry out boca 'Shroom burger, fries, and a freckled lemonade... I figured if this was the weekend to indulge, I might as well go all out! It was amazingly delicious and I've decided that I need to try every burger that Red Robin has to offer in boca form! (That's actually a goal I now have!) :)

Went to West Hollywood to check out the Pride festivities. My friend Patrick was supposed to meet me there, but got tied up at work and couldn't make it. The traffic to Hollywood was RIDICULOUS! So bad, that I got there about 10 minutes late and completely missed Michael's number! :( I did get to see him walking around the grounds there afterward, but he wasn't alone and I didn't want to bother him (or seem stalkerish). I did get to see Eden sing "Wizard & I" and got to watch the sign language interpretion of the song (which was incredibly neat!)

Afterward, I walked around the booths and got into great discussions with a lot of volunteers there about marriage equality (I wish I could volunteer to help them canvas and call folks, but I don't live there...) I also got some great dog treats for Cooper from the Petco booth, a "Fantastiks" poster from the Reprise booth, and a Fuse drink from the Gelman's booth. All in all it was a pretty great experience. Oh, and I saw "Marvelous Wonderette" producer, David Elzer there! Someone called my name as I was heading out and it was David!! It was SO nice to see him!! :) He told me about Roger's new show and we talked about what was currently playing around town. :)

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That evening, I drove to La Mirada to see Michelle Duffy in "Ring of Fire" - the new Johnny Cash musical. I'd heard of it before on Broadway, only because Beth Malone played the June Carter role there. I know that anything Michelle does, she does wonderfully and I thought it was a perfect reason to make a trip out there to see her. :)

The show itself was... interesting. It took me a while to figure out that BOTH Christa Jackson and Michelle were playing the role of June Carter and that they really don't "play" June Carter, they just sing songs that reflect times in Johnny Cash's life and represent June Carter... Michelle is stunning whenever she's on stage, though and the music, being so heartfelt was truly magic when she sang it. I loved the show even if it was just to see her incredible performance. Christa was hilarious and gave an incredible performance as well... Her "Flushed..." was one of the highlights of the show!!

After the show I had a lovely, lovely conversation with Michelle! I swear, she has to be one of the nicest, most gracious people I've met through LA theatre. She and I spoke candidly about our jobs, my BIG boss, and plans for the future. I adore the woman -- she's extremely gracious and VERY down to earth!! I also got to speak with Christa (who surprisingly knew who I was before I introduced myself to her!) :) Such a great experience and SOOOO what I needed after the long stressful work week last week.

And after that, I'm almost ready to face work tomorrow morning... ALMOST! ;) I'm off to HUG my fuzzy dog and catch up on all of your entries. I hope you all had a great weekend! :D HUGS!
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