June 15th, 2009

Cooper - happy :)

My strange dog. ;)

So, the weather here has been getting progressively more humid and much harder for poor Cooper to handle with all his fuzziness... so Mark & I have been doing things like giving him COLD water from the refridgerator to drink instead of the normal tap water in his dish. He LOVES this!! But not in the way you think...

Today we caught him, instead of drinking the water, he pawed at it with his front paws (alternately) until they became a wet mess... Then he happily walked around the house tracking his wet little paw prints. :) I know that dogs sweat and cool off through the pads on their feet, but I've never seen a dog do this before.

Sydney certainly never did this... does anyone else's dog use their water dish just to cool off their paws?? Or is Cooper just a silly strange dog? ;) (Or should I even be asking this, considering he grew up in OUR house?) ;D
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