June 20th, 2009

Michael - Kings2


...Kings was INcredible! Yes, Michael's scenes were MUCH too short, but having Jack seek him out, the kiss, the hand holding, the "was it real?" Wow... well, well worth the wait!

And yes, Michael had only something like three lines to say and far too little time is spent on developing the Jack/Joseph storyline,... but it was still pretty amazing! I have to say, when Jack is leaving with tears in his eyes, it absolutely breaks my heart. This show is simply amazing! I'm so sad that it hasn't been picked up... the story is probably better than any show I've seen in a very long time (even aside from the Jack/Joseph storyline.)

I can't say enough how much I love the show!!

Also, on a non-Kings note, I HAVE to see THIS! After all, I sadly missed the MTG production of Parade the year that Misty was in it because I went to see Kevin in the one night only Assassins reading at Reprise! And though that was TOTALLY worth it, this is still my favorite musical that I have NEVER seen! Plus, they just announced that T.R. Knight has been cast as Leo Frank AND that Rob Ashford is directing. :) Yay for the fact that I already have an early October LA theatre trip planned - PERFECT! :)
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