June 25th, 2009

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Thank you all so much for the good wishes...

...in my previous post about my lunch with my good friend who I hadn't seen in over 7 years. :)

We met at my working place and walked over to CPK and caught up on the seven or so years that we'd been absent from each other's lives. It was... lovely! She is still very much the same person I stayed up to talk with for hours in college about our boyfriends, life, and our future... We spoke about everything - our men, our jobs, our lives -- where we'd thought we'd be, and how surprised we were at how things had worked out in both our lives.

She's a doctor now, and works as a pediatric opthomologist at a hospital near my office - she and her husband are like Mark & I,... probably will not end up having children... and, for the most part, it's okay with us. We talked about mutual friends, about people we hadn't seen in the longest time from our college days... it was wonderful.

When we left she told me what prompted her email (seemingly, to me, out of the blue.) She and I have always said that we'd go out to lunch, dinner, etc. but we never got around to setting a formal date. She told me that she always meant to call or email, but she was busy, she knew I was busy, etc... and time always seemed to get away from us and suddenly it was next Christmas and we never did get together...

Then she asked me if I remembered her friend Stephanie. She said that she hadn't seen or spoken with her in a long time as well (they had always talked about getting together too...) and she called her because she had heard that Stephanie was a realtor and she and her husband were thinking of buying a place. She told me that after many attempts to contact her, they finally got in touch with each other,... only to find that Stephanie was in the late stages of cancer and only had a short time to live. :( She said she really regretted not having made the time to meet up with her... and she said she didn't ever want that to happen to us.

I almost cried!

We made a promise that we would get together more frequently and semi-planned our next dinner outing - and this time we plan to drag the men out with us. :)

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I am SO glad that we got the chance to meet up! She is and always will be my best friend from college, the one I told everything to,... the one who stayed up with me for hours when I broke up with my boyfriend, my maid of honor at my wedding... and I'm SO glad that she's back in my life... :)
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