July 12th, 2009


Best macadamia nut pancakes... EVER!

So, I still haven't gotten the courage to post that RL entry that I have been meaning to... maybe sometime this week...

But, I did want to post an entry about the BEST breakfast that I have ever had! This morning Mark & I woke up EXTREMELY early (for a Sunday) and picked my Mom up in Pearl City (as a semi-birthday breakfast for her) and drove all the way in to Kailua to eat breakfast at Boots & Kimo's - which is basically a small family-owned restaurant known for their amazing breakfasts.

We had heard about the line and the wait to get in (which on some weekends could be an hour or more) so we got there at 7:00am in an attempt to avoid the rush. When we got there, we were immediately glad we chose to come early, because we were able to get THE LAST booth in the restaurant! :)

Boots & Kimo's is known for their macadamia nut sauce that they pour over their pancakes and so my Mom & I decided to split an order and we each ordered our own omelettes... I got an egg white omelette with mushroom and Haleakala swiss cheese and Mom got the seafood omelette. Mark got his own order of pancakes and a corned beef and swiss omelette.

Oh.My.God. It was the most fabulous thing ever!! My Mom LOVED the food - so much, in fact that she ranks it as her third best eating experience ever! :) It was a great way to celebrate her birthday and to try someplace new. :)

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Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! I'm off to try to shake this food coma... :P Hugs!!