July 13th, 2009

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

Couple of things...

Yep, still haven't gathered the courage to write that RL entry yet... in time...

Until then, Bets will be performing at 88's Cabaret on Monday night, which I won't be in town to see. :(

See MySpace Poster here...

But, on the good news side of things,... I will be in town to see her in "Andrews Brothers" at Fullerton CLO on the 25th as well as see Lowe in "Little Shop of Horrors" that same night. It's been a long time since I've seen Bets as anyone but Suzy so this should be really nice, plus getting to see David Engel and Larry Raben on stage is always a plus for me. :)

Also, Brian's website is FINALLY about ready to go live!! For those of you who remember, I met with him a year ago to talk about his site... I started work on it, he got busy, I got busy... we never actually spoke about the site. Saw him at PIPPIN a couple of times, but he never mentioned it... Then we got back in touch again and the site is finally ready to go again... I just wish I could put his commercial on the site...

Here it is... it's SO CUTE!!! It's only a minute long,... please take a look...it's SOOOO cute and so VERY Brian!!


Ahaha!! They've captured his personality PERFECTLY!! :)

If anyone knows of a way to get streaming video off a site (I've asked Brian for a copy of the commercial and he doesn't have one...) please let me know. :P
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