July 27th, 2009

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

My "Little Shop" and "Andrews Brothers" theatre trip (complete with photos!) :)

So, this weekend I went on a short, no vacation theatre trip to see the fabulous Lowe Taylor in Little Shop of Horrors at Musical Theatre West and see Bets in The Andrews Brothers at Fullerton Civic Light Opera. I only spent one full day in LA, but the theatre and being in LA, and seeing Bets and the others... really made it all worth it.

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But... on to the photos! I usually feel that bringing out my camera takes away the "I'm here as a friend" and turns it into more of a "I'm here as a fan" - but I did it anyway... because of the whole Peter Paige thing. ;)

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What a fantastic weekend it was!! :) After all the recent unpleasant-ness at work, this theatre trip was really what I needed!! Thank you all so much if you read this far! I apologize for my theatre babbling... this has turned into quite the novel! :P Hope you all had a nice weekend!!
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