July 29th, 2009


"Memphis," "First Wives Club," and "Life Could Be a Dream" - YAY!

First... if you're my Facebook OR Twitter friend, then you've been hearing this all day and I apologize..., but WOOO HOOO for the "Memphis" casting announcement - and an ultra big YAY for Chad Kimball and Montego Glover! I AM SO glad I bought tickets to see this TWICE in September! I have been waiting for this show to come to Broadway for a very long time - and I have a been a long time fan of Chad Kimball's!!

Second... First Wives Club at Old Globe announced a one week extension... which means... I'll be in town and it's possible for me to see it! :D I'm SOOO excited! The Old Globe is just minutes away from the San Diego Civic Center (where the tour of "Wicked" is playing) and so I can see Kevin M AND First Wives Club on the same day!! I can't believe that it all worked out!!

Finally... I have my NYC theatre schedule almost all planned out, but I can't figure out a Saturday matinee for my LA trip in a few weeks... what gives? Here's what I'm seeing so far...

Saturday, August 8th (mat): Any ideas?
Saturday, August 8th (8pm): Life Could Be a Dream @ Hudson Mainstage
Sunday, August 9th (11am): Universal Signs (WOOOO!! I get to see Anthony there too!) @ the Egyptian Theatre

If anyone knows of any show that has a Saturday matinee (most in LA don't anymore...) please let me know - I'm VERY open to suggestions right now since it's only a week and a half away... (I planned the trip mainly to see "Life Could Be a Dream" and so I could see "Universal Signs" - YAY for Frequent Flier Miles!!) :)
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