August 9th, 2009

Crooning Crabcakes :)

"Life Could Be A Dream!"

Thank goodness for FF miles and for Hawaiian Airlines bringing back their red eye flights for the summer - without those two factors... I would not have been able to go on my theatre trip this weekend.

I saw two shows and Anthony and "Universal Signs" (which I will post about tomorrow...) but the main reason I went there was to see the newest Roger Bean show -- "Life Could Be A Dream" at the Hudson Mainstage. :)

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The AMAZING kindness of the creative team, love them SOOOO!!!

And I have to mention this because I adore the creative team SO SO MUCH - such lovely, lovely folks!!! I was so happy that I got the chance to see Roger before the show and he came and visited with me for a moment before the show began (because he said he wouldn't be there after the show to talk) I adore the man - he is the sweetest!! When I told him I came in primarily to see the show - he said, "Wow... that's a lot of pressure!" :) He's adorable!!

THEN... Spellman came up to me at intermission and asked me for the correct spelling of my name (which I thought was odd, but I gave it to him without asking why...) He came out moments later with a show poster, autographed by all the guys!!! I nearly cried! That was SOOOO sweet of him!! It meant SO much to me!! Then, he organized a group photo with the cast after the show - which was SO sweet of him!!

It was SOOO nice to see Daniel! He is one person who, no matter how many times I see him, I feel very at ease speaking and joking with him because he's got to be one of the nicest, most friendly, unassuming guys out there. I told him that I nearly died when he picked up a loose tile that the cast had been tripping on all evening and FLUNG it - frisbee style - into the Varney laundry room - very slyly and even made it look like part of the choreography. He laughed and said, "At least it made it into the laudry room and didn't take out a shelf or anything!" :D

Everyone was so wonderfully sweet and gracious! And they definitely made my first (because I will go back!) Life Could Be A Dream experience extremely wonderful!!

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Sorry this was so long, but it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me - theatre-wise in a while!! SOOOOO thankful to Spellman for his kindness!!

I just hopped off the plane at 9pm and have to wake up early for work tomorrow, but I will update later on seeing "Universal Signs" (FINALLY --- after waiting 2 years!) and seeing Anthony. :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! :) HUGS!!
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