August 11th, 2009

Anthony - His Bodyguard

FINALLY getting to see the premiere of "Universal Signs!"

On Sunday, before I left LA, I headed down to the Egyptian Theatre to see the premiere of Anthony's film "Universal Signs." For those of you who have been on my friends' list for a while, you know that I have literally been waiting YEARS to see this film! When Anthony first contacted me two and a half years ago asking me to help him with his website, he had already completed the film... I'd done research on it... and wanted to see it... but NO screenings were planned for it. :(

YAY for FINALLY getting to see it almost three years later!! It was GORGEOUS! The story, the writing, the artestry... just stunningly beautiful! For those who haven't heard me babble about this movie for years, it's a modern day silent film that uses a music track as background and relies only on sign language and subtitles. GORGEOUS!

Anthony's performance... OH MY GOD. Stunning! I think it's odd that I met and got to know Anthony BEFORE seeing his work on the screen. When he first emailed me, I didn't even know who he was... I had to imdb him. Okay,... I mean, we all saw "Mr Holland's Opus" a long time ago... but I'd forgotten he'd played Richard Dreyfuss' grown son OR that he was the guy in the elevator who signed "You complete me" in "Jerry Maguire." I'd seen him in several other things since then, but never something that was as emotional and as powerful as this.

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This was the perfect end to my absolutely WONDERFUL, AMAZING weekend!! Seeing Anthony, his movie (FINALLY!!!!) and seeing how loved and admired he is in the deaf community just filled my heart with joy. I'm really so glad I made the trip out there and was able to see him! And the movie was gorgeous! If anyone has the chance to see it,... please do - it's just a beautiful piece of work!!
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