August 22nd, 2009

More web stuff...

A happier post. :)

I have FINALLY completed Brian's site! Woo! Thankfully it was BEFORE his show opened... how sad it would've been if I wasn't able to complete it by then. :P Poor Brian has been waiting A LONG TIME for his site to be completed... and we sort of both got busy and lost contact for a while. Thank goodness I was able to finally complete it. :)

If anyone is interested in seeing it... it's here:

As a side note: I'm SO excited to see him in "Children of a Lesser God" at DWT!! :)


Finally rounding out the shows I'll be seeing in NYC at the end of September. Because I'm mainly going for the NYMF (like I did last year) it's basically going to be a week of theatre hopping - sadly not too much time for site-seeing for me. So far, I'm planning to see 22 shows in 11 days (yes, it's a little overkill... but I've never been much for moderation...) ;) Whew!
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