September 1st, 2009

Sheri Manga

It must be fate - running into my dear friend by pure luck!!

I have so much to write about my amazing weekend in LA / San Diego, but first – the most AMAZING thing happened that totally made my weekend memorable. I happened to run into one of my dearest friends who I had sadly lost touch with over the years after she moved to American Samoa – AMAZINGLY, she was on my flight!! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of the only reasons I continued to work at the bank in those early years – we’d kept in touch via mail and phone, but she moved around so much that we sadly lost touch and hadn’t seen each other for maybe 10 years or so.

Most people don’t believe in fate, but I truly do. There were several different factors could’ve kept me from seeing her.

Collapse ) It was totally fate, I tell you!

We screamed SO LOUD when we saw each other, I swear, the entire terminal turned around to see what was happening! I’ve missed her SO much! She is doing wonderfully, has a 7 year old son (who I got to meet and who is ADORABLE!) and is SO happy with a really great man in her life (which couldn’t make me happier – she deserves someone who will treat her right – her last man – I won’t even talk about him… but I was around for much of her heartache with him…) Her daughters (who I love and miss as well are all grown up and have families of their own – they were 8 and 11 when I last saw them… now they’re mothers too!)

She and I sat together in the terminal and used the 2 hours before the flight to catch up on everything since we saw each other last. The nicest thing was that nothing at all changed between us… we could still sit there and giggle about the same things we used to and I realized how much I’ve missed her! We got each other’s current contact information and promised to keep in touch. I just keep thinking that things all happen for a reason and if any one of the above didn’t happen I would’ve missed out on my chance at reconnecting with a friend that I love dearly.

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There were so many other amazing theatre things that happened this past weekend, but THIS was what really made my trip worth it. I hadn’t even left Honolulu on Friday night and I already felt like the trip was worth it!

I will be back later to post about the theatre portion of my trip which was amazing in its own right.
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