September 2nd, 2009

Crooning Crabcakes :)

"Life Could Be A Dream" - even more amazing the 2nd time!! :) :)

On Saturday, I spent the entire day and evening in Hollywood Theatre bliss… In the afternoon I went down to Hudson Mainstage to see “Life Could Be A Dream” for the second time and the show really does get better each time I see it!

Some things I noticed on Saturday that I LOVED:

  • The voice over on the radio does a “commercial” between scenes for a “Betsy’s” something or other (I can’t remember!) But, it was clearly Roger’s reference to Bets – because at the end the announcer says, “Come on down to Betsy’s where she’ll make you feel like a queen.” (Referencing Bets’ role as prom queen Suzy Simpson, I’m sure…) AWWWW!!!

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Gotta say, as much as I love the Wonderettes, the characters in this show are VERY likable and it truly has become my favorite Roger Bean show. The good news is that it’s extended its run and I will be able to see it on my next trip to LA.

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