September 12th, 2009

Rene 02

Some self-indulgent distractions. :)

  1. Been watching and falling IN LOVE with René Alvarado (see my icon picture). Saw the movie "East Side Story" a while ago and though it wasn't the best movie I'd ever seen... it did introduce me to René... And it's SO odd because he is SO unlike any other guy I'd find attractive (I generally tend to like the fairer skin and fairer hair guys - with the exception of hubby, of course!) But I don't know what it is,... I think it's something about the way he speaks and carries himself... Whatever the case... Yeow! ♥

  2. Twitter... especially since my recent... (ahem) discovery last week... it's been VERY fun, to say the least, to see how people whose talents I've admired express themselves in 140 characters or less. ;)

  3. Thai food! I've had take out two days in a row from a place called Souvaly - which is, IMO, the best Thai place in Hawaii! Their Sober noodles are to-die-for! I am SO addicted to the place, it's a shame that they're SO close to my office... I foresee a lot of weight being gained. :P

  4. Just read the most incredible book! I've been addicted to ebooks for some time now... and yes, perhaps my choice of books leaves a little something to be desired (I read romances... similar to my taste in slash fiction...) Read the most amazing book - The Curtis Reincarnation. Loved the humor and... well, everything. Some of the books I've read in the genre are pretty bad... but this one was amazing - I read it in two nights - I couldn't put my iPhone down!

  5. NYC... Just,... that. 12 days away and each day brings more things that I'm excited about - not just the theatre portion (which, of course, I'm thrilled about) but, the people I may get to see, the non-theatre things I have planned, and the places I want to eat (HOLY COW! I'm going to come back 5 sizes larger than I am right now!!)