September 27th, 2009

Sheri & Norm 2008 Flea Market

Flea Market...

So, the Flea Market was moved to the Roseland Ballroom... and though it was inevitable because of all the rain, the lighting in the Roseland was really awful, the space just too cramped to accommodate everyone, and the crowd was just ridiculous!

I did manage to get a few things - a $10 Wonderette t-shirt, a reasons to be pretty shirt, a Secret Garden poster, the Leading Men IV dvd (that Kevin did! WOO!), a Papermill 1776 poster, and a few other things...

The 1pm autograph line was fun. Collapse )

Got to see Justin at the Flea Market - his caricature table was VERY well placed, his booth was the first that many people saw as they walked into the Flea Market. All in all it was a good experience and I'm glad that I got to go, but the crowd and the limited space made the Flea Market very tiring and not as fun as it is when it's outside.

Will write later about seeing MEMPHIS (I haven't written about it AT ALL yet!) meeting Chad Kimball, whose talent I've admired for about 8 years before finally getting the courage to stay at the stage door and introduce myself to him. :)

Tomorrow I have some great food places I'd like to go lined up and then I'm meeting my friend Lizzy for an event for the start of the New York Musical Festival.