October 2nd, 2009

Trent 01

Getting to see Trent as Billy Elliot!

If you're my FB friend then you know what a theatre dork I truly am! A few months ago I began tracking the Billy rotation, in hopes of finding some sort of pattern so I could buy tickets to see the show on this trip. I know this is very UN-PC and will get me booed off many message boards, because all the boys are fabulous and it shouldn't matter who I see, but... really - I'm spending A LOT of money on tickets, have only one slot in which I can see the show, and I eventually wanted to see all three guys in the role before they all aged out. Kiril I saw in January... I REALLY wanted to see Trent.

Of course, there's no rhyme or reason to the Billy rotation, so I sucked it up and took my chances with the Wednesday afternoon matinee - hoping that Trent would be in that day (he's the one I REALLY wanted to see). Well, the moment I got into the Imperial, I looked at the board and lo and behold... it was TRENT! :) I was so happy, I couldn't tell you! :D

Trent was an AMAZING Billy! I truly think he's the one who "gets" Billy the most. His acting is SOOOO strong, he really embodies the role, the sadness, and the humor of Billy. To me (and this is completely un-PC, but what the heck...) he's my favorite Billy because of his incredible acting. And his dancing... Oh my word! Trent's a fabulous tap dancer (his feet are literally moving so fast during the tap sequences on stage that they were a blur) and his ballet is gorgeous. Trent has gotten VERY tall... almost too tall to be Billy, but his lines when he dances are just breathtakingly gorgeous!

Speaking of which, I got to see the new (or relatively new) "Michael" - Trevor Braun - who is considerably younger than Trent and LOOKS like the age that Trent was when he began the role. Their friendship on stage still works, though - despite their age difference, but I thought it was cute when Trevor had to kiss Trent, he literally had to take a hold of Trent's hair and pull his head down because Trent was so darn tall.

Kiril is leaving the cast on the 3rd, and I'm sure it won't be long before Trent has to as well. :( I'm just SO glad I got to see him before he left! :D :D :D

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Getting to see Trent was my happiest surprise all trip!! :) LOVED his performance!!
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