October 3rd, 2009

Sheri Manga

My VERY quick impressions of NYMF shows I've seen... so far.

I really have to say that this year has been a fantastic season for the NYMF! I've gone to NYMF shows in the past and sadly sometimes they're hit or miss... but this year, I have yet to go to a show that wasn't absolutely wonderful!

Under Fire
  • Damn. LOVED this show - it was SO intense and dealt with my favorite subject - photojournalism ethics. As a former photojournalism major, this show completely intrigued me! It was set in El Mirador where a ruthless dictator leads and a small group of rebels fight for freedom. Jack Noseworthy played a US photojournalist, who must decide, in the heat of battle if he should "take sides" and ends up making an ethical decision that impacts the civil war around him. SOOO powerful and amazingly staged - using projection screens to show the audience what was being photographed. The cast was amazing - Jack Noseworthy was GREAT and who knew James DePaiva could sing? AMAZING PRODUCTION in every regard!
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I've been VERY impressed by the shows this season in the festival... I haven't gone to one that I didn't think was great in its own way! Love the New York Musical Theatre Festival... it's the reason I plan my NY trip in September each year! :D
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