October 5th, 2009


Seeing "Memphis" for the last time and some changes to the show...

I ended my NYC trip seeing "Memphis" one last time on Sunday night. What a marvelous way to end my trip! The audience was SO warm that night, everyone laughed in all the right places,... the applause was deafening, and every single person was up on their feet the moment the curtain call began -- just the kind of audience I love to be a part of!!

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It's still the look that Chad has on his face in the final scene as Huey watches Felicia sing... it's sadness, happiness, familiarity, and regret all conveyed SOOO nicely in his longing look (and he usually has tears in his eyes... which gets me teary!)

AND they don't do it anymore because they walk off the stage together, but they used to part ways after the final curtain call and Chad would ALWAYS kiss Montego's hand tenderly and mouth "I love you" to her each night before they parted and walked off their separate ways. How ADORABLE!! I LOVED seeing that each night!!


I was a little apprehensive about going to the stage door after the show, partially because I'd seen the show 4 times in a matter of a week & a half and thought the cast seeing me there 3 times was a bit excessive... but I stayed anyway - and stayed in the back...

There were a bunch of theatre students there that night who were in the front of the barracade asking for autographs and pictures and I kind of lagged and waited behind. After all, I got my pictures with everyone I'd wanted to... I just basically wanted to say, "Hi."

James Monroe Iglehart was so sweet, and gave me a hug when I saw him and said, "You're back!" Someone I had been talking with next to me asked me if this was the 2nd time I saw the show... and to my surprise, James said, "Forth!" before I could answer. He was a sweetheart and SUCH a talented singer and dancer!

One of the nicest moments, though came when I got my chance to say, "Hi" to Chad. We spoke for a bit and when I was leaving I thanked him by holding out my hand for a handshake and he pulled me into a big, long, FANTASTIC hug!! Yow! ♥ And then he inquired when I was flying back to Hawaii and told me to "Stay safe!" but to "Come back to see the show!" I can't say enough how much sincere admiration I have for the man... he's SO sweet!

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What a wonderful way to end my NYC theatre trip... with my favorite show and a great stage door experience! :) I'm definitely taking my Mom to see the show when we go back for her and my birthday trip in January! :D
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