October 9th, 2009

Chad Kimball & Sheri

Best of... NYC!

Okay... so I'll never get to writing about all the amazing shows I saw AND if I tried to catch up and write about my trip now... I know I'll leave out a bunch of things (I blame my faulty memory on old age :)) So instead of writing about the shows, the amazing moments with friends, the delicious food... I thought I'd do a short "Best of... NYC!" post to encompass everything so I can finally move on (I know you must all be tired of hearing about NY!) :D

  1. Memphis - Really there's something about the music and the HEART of this show that just gets to me each time. I love it!! And Chad Kimball and Montego Glover are just AMAZING!! Plus there's something SOOOO special about a show that began 6 years ago with the SAME PRINCIPAL CAST that makes you really want it to succeed! I love them! And I love the show!!
  2. Superior Donuts - Wonderful, heartfelt, and touching play about a down and out donut shop owner and his young, idealistic assistant. Sort of had a certain "Trying" feel to it. WONDERFUL, AMAZING performance by John Michael Hill!! It was so witty and SOOO moving that I was sobbing at the end. SOOOO touching!!
  3. Brighton Beach Memoirs - Admittedly my favorite play in the Eugene trilogy, the story is the first in the saga of the Jerome family (loosely based on Neil Simon's life). The characters are SO well fleshed out (probably because it's autobiographical and he grew up with these people!) but the characters are REAL, the father (played with SO much heart by Dennis Boutsikaris) is one of the most touching literary characters that I have ever seen portrayed - WHO wouldn't want to have grown up with a father like Jack?? And Santino Fontana is SUPERB as Stan, the older brother. This play is a definite MUST SEE! I have been a fan of Neil Simon's FOREVER and the chance to see such an amazing production of this show was SUCH a treat. LOVED it!
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Well, that FINALLY wraps up my NYC trip!! What an amazing week & a half! Thank you to everyone who has been putting up with all of my long-winded NY entries. :)
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