October 18th, 2009

Doug & Sheri

First of all,...

...I wanted to thank all of you who commented in my last post and gave me your browser feedback for the fan site that I have been working on for Chad Kimball. :)

The one good thing about all the hours of work is that I got to read so many articles that I might not have found without the research... My favorite being one from Boston.Com in which Chad says he thinks they "digitally enhanced" his eyelashes in the MEMPHIS marquee photo! HAHA! I found that funny because when I first saw it, that was the first thing I thought! :)

And wow... found my old 2007 review of "Little Fish" when I saw it at the Blank Theatre. Of course, it was mostly me raving about Chad's performance (mostly his incredible acting...) but I'd forgotten exactly what I wrote and quite honestly, forgot much of the other parts of the show (outside of his performance...)

BUT, enough about Chad! Hubby and I have been planning an anniversary trip to LA / Vegas in November for our 11th anniversary! I always love traveling with him and it's the rare occasion that we both get to go, so it's VERY exciting for me! :)

We plan to spend two weekends away, go to LA and see Bets in "Andrews Brothers" down at the Welk, then head over to see Michael Arden, Ty Taylor, and Valarie Pettiford in the Cabaret "City of Angels" at La Mirada. Then we plan to drive to Vegas and catch my friend Kristi in "Phantom" and then "Jersey Boys" on Tuesday night and then drive back to LA to see "Parade," "Meet Me In St. Louis," "Life Could Be A Dream," the new MTG show in Thousand Oaks, etc. :) Should be a nice trip! I'm really looking forward to spending some away time with hubby! :)

We've got Cooper staying a weekend with my Mom and the rest of the time at our vet's boarding facility. We thought 10 days would be a bit too long to leave him with my Mom. He's adorable, but I do have to say that he can be a handful at times... We've been waiting for the puppy in him to grow up, and admittedly he's better than he used to be, but he's still a character and not sure if my Mom can handle him for longer than a weekend. :D
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