November 13th, 2009

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys - Vegas style!

So Mark & I also saw 2 showings of Jersey Boys on Tuesday night (the 6:30pm & 9:30pm) shows. Which officially makes it my 8th & 9th time seeing the show (4 on tour, 3 on broadway, and now 2 in Vegas.) And if it hadn't been for alligatorandme and shawk's wonderful account of just what was cut from the full length version, I might not have noticed too much.

Things that I did notice... "Short Shorts" was definitely cut short - the dancers literally had to RUN across the landing before Bob starts his speech. One verse of "My Boyfriend's Back" was definitely cut... People RUN on and off the stage, up and down those stairs unlike the hurried walk in the full length version. I felt Act I was really rushed (but maybe it's because I just saw the broadway company recently and it really felt like everyone in this cast was running on and off the stage.) By the second performance I think I got used to it a bit more. I know that I'll go back to NY, see the full length version and feel like it's dragging now. ;)

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As soon as we got out of the 6:30pm show, we literally had to turn right back around to stand in line for the 9:30pm show. There was no down time or anything... It was exhausting just watching the two shows, I can't imagine what it must be like for the cast!

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I'm glad we got to see the Vegas cast and two different Frankies - now I need to go back to NY and see the broadway cast with Jarrod... and then I think I'll be good - Jersey Boys - wise. :)
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Adventures in Food: The Grilled Cheese Truck!

Thanks to a suggestion from Mark, we decided to spend the day today tracking down the infamous LA Grilled Cheese Truck which was supposed to be located at the Brentwood Country Mart from noon to 2pm today.

We got there with lots of time to spare and was shocked by the LONG line that had already formed! We stood in line for about 1/2 hr and eventually was able to order our precious grilled cheese sandwiches. I ordered the Cheesy Mac Melt (which is actually a grilled cheese sandwich with mac & cheese & cheddar) -- SOO good! I also ordered a Dessert Sandwich (which is a grilled sandwich with roasted banana puree, nutella, and marshmellow).

But instead of me explaining them, I'd rather post pictures!!

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So much more amazing food on this trip, but this post was a MUST! If you're in the LA area, go and seek out the Grilled Cheese Truck! It's amazing and they are such nice people! :)