December 8th, 2009

Sheri & Van - DDR02

Okay... my sappy post (be warned)

Sappy Post Alert!!

After the news broke about ATWT being cancelled and it circled the internet via twitter, LJ, and FB and it kind of settled in somewhat, I began to think about why this all was so terribly depressing for me. I really hadn't been that attached to the show recently and truth be told, I hadn't really been caught up with the storyline for a while now.... nor did I have too much of a desire to catch up with everything on YouTube.

But what I realized was that it's more than the show that I'll miss. In thinking about it today, I realized that the show brought me SO many wonderful memories in past few years of my travels - none of which I would've experienced had it not been for the show. It introduced me to the talents of two INCREDIBLY sweet and WONDERFUL actors who, even though I don't watch the show anymore, I adore completely. And it brought a bunch of really great friends into my life. For that, I think I will always be grateful to the show... And that's the reason it saddens me that it's ending.

Ordinary Days with David Burnham!!

On a completely different note... I came home to a wonderful FB message from my friend Michael letting me know that David Burnham was going to be starring in "Ordinary Days" at SCR!!! Sadly it does run during one of the worst times humanly possible for me (both because of my previously planned NYC trip and because of work.) But I REALLY wanted to see this show in NYC (and I passed up my tickets to see MEMPHIS a final time on that last night in the city...) and for David I'd fly almost anywhere,.... So I'm still hopeful that I can work something out. We'll see...


I think I'm actually making a dent in all this holiday stuff. :) Newsletters are being printed, photo cards have arrived (they made a mistake on our order initially - can you believe that they flipped the two of the three pictures on the card on its SIDE so instead of being printed vertically it was and flipped and stretched out to fit the incorrect horizontal format? WHY would anyone order cards with the photos printed in the wrong orientation? :P) In any case, we got the corrected cards and we've actually been spending time getting them prepared to be sent. As a reminder, if you'd like us to send you one this year, please fill out the holiday card poll (it's not too late!) :)

Tomorrow I have to head out to Kauai for the last of the sales observations on the neighbor islands this year. It'll be nice to see everyone out there, as I haven't had the chance to visit Kauai in months. It does mean that I'll be waking up WAAAAY too early and coming home WAAY too late, but that will conclude my neighbor island traveling for the year - as far as work is concerned anyway... :)

Hope you're having a nice week!
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