January 31st, 2010

David - Piazza 2

Ordinary Days at SCR!

This is a week late and I apologize, but in my illness I haven't even felt like getting online (WHAAAAT?) all I've been doing is working and sleeping this past week. :P

But I really wanted to write about Ordinary Days which I saw in Costa Mesa last weekend and was the reason for my INSANE back to back trips these past two weekends. I'd purchased tickets to see this show in NYC when I was there in September, but ended up seeing MEMPHIS for the 4th time instead. I was really interested when I heard South Coast Rep was staging a production of the show - and even more thrilled when I found out that David Burnham would be starring.

The show was SUCH a sweet production which basically followed 4 individuals in NYC as they deal with everyday things in life. The show aims (it seems) to highlight the beauty in the simple everyday interactions of people. How lives can intertwine and connections can be made and how "Ordinary Days" can turn into "Extraordinary Days" just with a simple turn of events.

LOVED it... and I cried - which was VERY unexpected... When Nancy Anderson sang her final song... tears just streamed down my face. And I NEVER cry during "sad" moments, I always cry when things are touching, though... so my reaction was totally unexpected. Deborah S. Craig was hysterical as the over-achieving Deb... I'd seen her previously in Spelling Bee, but completely thought she was one of the best parts of this production.

The other best part? David... of course! He's the reason I went to see it and he was FANTASTIC! I loved how he made his Jason sensitive and likable, yet very much your everyday man who was grappling with commitment. And of course, his voice... that voice of his is gorgeous! Just. Gorgeous.

Got to see David after the show and he was sooo nice (as he always is) and gave me two hugs and a kiss on the cheek for my one day trip just to see him. :) He's a sweetheart... I truly think he's one of the nicest theatre performers that I've met. Got to see and speak with Deborah S. Craig, who was hysterical in person, too. :) Like Derrick Baskin, the first time I ever took a photo with her was about 5 years ago, after Spelling Bee. :)

Just a VERY heartfelt production and one that I feel completely lucky to have seen! It almost made my nightmare trying to come home (amidst all my cancelled flights and delays) worth it. :)

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! HUGS!!