May 23rd, 2010

Santino Fontana

My disjointed Drama Desk thoughts...

A few of my thoughts (I apologize to anyone on my Twitter feed as I was pretty... vocal there.)

  • LOVE that Santino Fontana won the award for Featured Actor in a Play! His performance as Stanley in Brighton Beach was definitely one of the two most moving performances that I saw last year (the other being Jon Michael Hill in "Superior Donuts"). For Santino, who has had SUCH a hard year: Brighton Beach closing within a couple of weeks after opening night, Broadway Bound NEVER opening at all, and giving up his role in A View From the Bridge due to an onstage injury,... I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see him get this. And yes, I realize these are ONLY awards... but somewhere I felt poetic justice was being served - the other noms will have another chance at the Tonys, but this was his only chance - and he FREAKING won. Good for him! As a side note: Can someone please hire this talented man right away? :)

  • So happy for all the MEMPHIS wins: Lead Actress in a Musical (YAY, Montego!), Best New Musical, Best Orchestrations, and Best Music! :) It was also cute to see Charlie and Ephraim tweeting each other after the show - very cute.

  • Douglas Hodge... mixed feelings, of course because though I LOVED his performance and think he's TRULY deserving, part of me feels for Chad as I do believe these awards would've been his, had it not been for La Cage this year. But please don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED for Mr. Hodge as he gives an INCREDIBLE, incredible performance and I do think he's extraordinary in the show and SO INCREDIBLY deserving. So many ties recently, hoping maybe for a tie at the Tonys?

In any case, sorry to those following me on Twitter for clogging your feed with Drama Desk tweets. On to June 13th...