June 29th, 2010

Sheri Manga

Kona... what a beautiful place!

Today I was fortunate enough to have been scheduled to work in Kona. It's been literally YEARS since I've been there by myself (I went once with BIG boss earlier this year, which doesn't really count in my book...) and it was nice to just drive out to our branch and take in all the beauty of the island,... because sometimes I really feel that I take the beauty here for granted... which is SO unfortunate. :P

For those who have never been out to Kona, there are miles and miles of stretched out land with lava rocks, black sand, and lava pebbles all along side the LONG road that leads to Waikoloa... On the lava rocks and pebbles, people have taken white coral and have formed words and written their names so it's visible from the road. It's GORGEOUS. It's kind of like our own brand of natural graffiti. ;)

I've seen it for years, but someone else was always driving and asking them to stop on the side so I could take photos or slow down so I could take in the beauty was just not an option back then. But because my observation today took a little less time than expected, on the way back to the airport I was able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Seriously, these messages go on for MILES along the road in Kona. SO amazing! And they are all over the place!

Also, I was able to bring back some of the BEST cookies in Kona! It's a little shop called Mrs. Barry's Cookies and they're hidden in a semi-industrial area of Kona. To see the place, you'd never think such incredible cookies came from there! They have the world's greatest Chocolate Whirl cookie. It's a mixture of semi sweet and milk chocolate chunks melted and swirled in a great cookie. It's chewy, but firm and is seriously the best thing I've ever eaten!

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I also met THE CUTEST little Golden Retriever puppy at the airport, ever! He was sitting so adorably on the bench awaiting a flight to Honolulu with his new owner that I had to take a picture of him. :) He was SO adorable!! When I left he almost jumped off the bench to follow me. SO CUTE!

He was the cutest little thing, ever!! :)

So aside from the long hours, I do love that my job affords me the opportunity to travel and see places that I normally would not be able to see. :) Sorry for the influx of entries recently... I finally feel like I have things to say,... maybe not interesting things... but things nonetheless. ;)
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