July 12th, 2010

Cooper - happy :)

Just some silly experimental Cooper photos

It's been a couple of weeks since getting my new phone and unlike Mark who LOVES technology changes, I usually take a bit of time getting used to new technology. Which is why I didn't immediately want the new iPhone. But Mark, being the techie that he is, decided that it would be my "everything" present this year and got me one anyway.

It's taken me a while to get used to it... the one thing I have been having fun with is the forward facing camera and applications like "Hipstamatic's Photobooth" and the normal "Hipstamatic". Poor Cooper has been the subject of all my recent photo experiments, though and now knows to run away and hide when I take out my phone! :D Here are some photos I took fooling around with my phone when I first got it.

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Poor Cooper's going to have to endure more of my experiments in the coming days as I discover more things I can do with these two applications. :)
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