February 7th, 2012

Matthew - B&S 01

YEARS late, but WTH... I'm always late.

So I've been VERY addicted to Brothers & Sisters recently... and if you know me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I've been talking about it A LOT lately - I think, in part, because I'm SO surprised that I like it so much.

When the series first began, I watched the pilot and tried so hard to like it... I'd just come off of watching (and loving) Six Feet Under and was really looking for another show to watch. But after watching the pilot, I felt like B&S was just a watered down, network censored version of SFU and I really wasn't in to it...

Over the years I've heard people talking about the show, about Kevin & Scotty, Kevin & Jason, etc. and though it did peak my interest, I still didn't really feel like watching it. I saw some scenes (I think the K&S lobster scene) but I never felt the need to watch anything more. I even watched an episode live (it was the episode in which Robert has a heart attack...) and still I didn't really care for it.

It wasn't until just recently that I started watching it... REALLY watching it and... HELL, I love it. Yes, the Kevin & Scotty stuff drew me in initially, but I LOVE the writing so much! It's SO witty and real and the characters are SOOOO amazingly fleshed out. They're all flawed (and who of us isn't in some way?) but they all have such good hearts and what makes the show so special is their love for each other and their sense of family. I love that all of the characters NEVER fall into their stereotypes and that each one, no matter how flawed is lovable and redeemable in some way.

And of course I have to mention this, but I love the character of Kevin. He's smart, funny, very well educated and GREAT at what he does,... but he's also insecure, a bit neurotic, and very needy in his personal life. LOVE that the fact that he's gay is only one of his many facets. And I ADORE Matthew Rhys... I think he's an INCREDIBLE actor. And yes, I love him with Scotty, but because his character is much more than just one half of a couple, I love seeing him interact with his family even more, especially with his sisters.

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So I'm hooked... 5 years late on a show I said I'd NEVER watch. I always admit when I'm an idiot and in this case, I'm a HUGE one for not giving it more of a chance YEARS ago. ;)