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Yay it's finally the weekend!

And so ends the LONGEST work week in the history of my job. Hopefully next week will be better, but with the amount of problems we're uncovering in this conversion, it's not very likely. :P

In less depressing news, I just love backstage opening night photos!! The ones on the Reprise! site are just fabulous!! Everyone looks great, but the one of Kelly (Estrella) with Betty Garrett is especially adorable. :) It was also great to see a photo of David Lober (who was also the SM for "Applause" back in May.) My only memory of David is that he stopped talking with Kevin when he saw me waiting for him after a performance of "Applause" and said, "You have a fan waiting to speak with you." Kevin laughed and said, "Oh, that's not a fan! That's just Sheri!" Haha! I didn't know whether to take that in a good or a bad way. ;)

On a completely different note, I couldn't let this day go by without mentioning that my precious fuzzy baby turned eight years old today! I can't believe she's been with us for almost eight years - it seems like just yesterday she was a tiny little puppy. With her awful illness a couple of years ago still pretty fresh in our minds, Mark & I are just SO thankful that she's still with us to celebrate another year! :D

She was just such a cute puppy! :D

I can hardly believe that this little fuzzy thing would grow up into my Sydney!

Happy Birthday, Sydney!!

I'm off to spend some time with my fuzzy dog. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! :D
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